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Spotify premium for free – end of your quest is finally here.

Spotify is definitely known as the world’s best music app as of now. And the application keeps on getting better and better by every passing day. Just like fine wine. There are methods to get the Spotify premium for free. so that you will not have to spend money to get the premium version. People are being more attracted to use this application than to search for the music they want. It is without a question the most loved music streaming app of the century.

They are loved for just nothing. They are the best app because they have the most user– friendly and fun to use interface. Most importantly, Spotify has a great streaming speed and nevertheless a very large library too. And you get to choose easily through the various categories that you find in there. They claimed to have some thirty million tracks back in 2016 when the trend was to claim the numbers. But now they only say millions, and I personally guess the number is higher than forty million.

They are popular for their inventory trends, like saving music to suit the mood and genre, rather than artists and album. Well, most of us go for music that suits the mood.

The admins always try to include something new to the application, to keep them live on the game.

In final terms about the application itself, it is a great, easy to use, and an interesting app. It was open to only the premium members in the beginning but now, it is open to all. You can search, create your own playlists and save the songs you love.

The pricing plans

They have plans set up to suit everyone. The students, family and the premium plans are dedicated to matching your budget.

 But however, the features available with each of these packages differ. And people are more willing to use the premium version which costs around ten dollars per month.

The free version is still in the play, for those who cannot spend money on music. The only difference of this with the other paid plans is that the free version is ad-supported.

Spotify free Spotify student Spotify family Spotify premium
Free but ad supported $4.99 per month $9.99 per month $14.99 per month
Want to get Spotify premium Account for free ?

There are methods to get the Spotify free premium upgrade. So that you will not have to spend money to get the premium version. You will basically be saving about a hundred and eighty dollars per year. I would highly recommend you to choose a paid version that suits your budget.

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The Platforms

Spotify free for all platforms

The application is usable in all types of phones, with no difference between iPhones and Android phones. And if you want to use it on your computer or laptop, they have a windows platform too. In the earlier days, there were differences between the applications but now there are almost none. The apps are identical. Maybe the search browser of the Android app is more colourful but that is the only difference.

The Android platform (Spotify for Android)

System requirements:

  • Any android device will support the application.
  • Android OS 4.1 or above will be required.
  • 500 MB of free space in your device will be necessary.


  • You get advanced search options with the Spotify Android app. You get to simplify your search based on the artist, track, album, year, or genre.
  • If you are using GPS tracking the app integrates with the system and Spotify goes to the top of the screen. So, you get to have Google navigator as the foreground app while listening to music.
  • The running feature was introduced not long ago, but it is one of the best features ever. You get to choose between your own selected songs where the rhythm would suit your running pace.
  • You can link it with another device. For example, you can play it on your TV or PC while having the app open on the phone. Then you get the chance to control what is playing using your phone.

The iOS platform (Spotify for ios)

System requirements:

  • iPhone 5 or above.
  • iPad 4 or above.
  • iPod Touch sixth generation, Touch or above.
  • Each device should have iOS 10 platforms with a minimum of 250MB free space.


  • The features are similar to that is being offered with the Android application.

Spotify is also available for your iWatch in the Apple App store.

The windows platform (Spotify for Windows)

System requirements:

  • The app is available in the Windows store for desktops and laptops.
  • Windows 7 or above is required.
  • The features that these app offers are similar to those of the mobile apps.
  • You get to web browse through this application; it is limited for Firefox browsers though.
  • You can connect the application with your mobile.
  • The app is available in the Windows store only for desktops and laptops. The Windows phones version was removed by the developers and hence this is the only application available for those who are hoping to use in Windows-powered devices.

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