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Spotify alternatives – The best Spotify alternatives

In this post, we are gonna talk about best Spotify alternatives. Music is an important piece in our everyday lives and this is a name that we often here related to it. It is reputed as the best live streaming app at the present.

But, why?

It is considered to be the best when it comes to the number of tracks it offers and some other features. But did they just cross the boundary by limiting the number of free hours? They have even limited the number of times that you can play a single track to five. Does that mean that they are treating the free users differently?

Well, though the answer to that question is still not quite certain, we know one thing for certain. There are many apps already on the play seeming to take away the title.

The best substitutes are free and afford you as many features as it does, so there is no much difference. Do not worry if you are unable to pay for the premium or the unlimited. We all have our limited budgets and we completely understand that there are more important bills to be settled than your music app.

So, here is a list of some best Spotify alternatives that we handpicked especially for you. It is time that you try them too without sticking into these limited featured free versions worrying about how you do not have enough money.

YouTube music

Spotify alternatives

The whole new addition made by YouTube which is the mp3 version is a real tough competitor in the field. This provides almost all of the melodies that you get in it, plus more features.

Well, for an example consider AI listing your favorites in the playlist automatically. I would say that this is the future of searching.

There is a free version, which has ads but is definitely worth it.

Google Play music

Spotify alternatives

This will eventually step aside and let their newest addition to rule. But old is definitely gold.

They offer you a wide variety of melodies from different genres. The best is that they even have the stuff to suit your attitude and activity. What about reading? They got you covered for sure!

Your location will also change the variety that you get to listen to. This is definitely a perfectly made app to suit all your requirements.


Spotify alternatives

Talking about something that is pretty close to Spotify, this comes to the top. Actually; this is a cloned app of the original one if you ask me. They offer you all the basic requirements that you would ever want to have. They have a huge library as well as a radio and other cool features.

They categorize the songs according to your favorites which are done at the initial signing up process. Then you will get suggestions to fit those were entered by you.

Pandora radio

This is an online mp3 radio website. They have stations themed according to different genres, but you always have the chance to customize it as you desire.

You can skip through tracks with about one million tracks to listen to. The ad-free version costs 4 bucks but there is a free version as well.


Spotify alternatives

This is a site that is developed to allow you to both upload and download mp3 that you love. And more recently they have several apps specially designed to suit your requirement. The desktop version and the mobile version are pretty famous.

They are also easy to use, but uploading could be a bit tough task. Anyway, they have a pretty good amount of songs on their list; the only fault is that they take a little time to load.

Spotify alternatives

This gives you the opportunity to find out more new tunes than just listen to what you have already heard. They too have the suggestion feature that analyses your search history and provides you with suggestions.

But you should take note that for some countries this is a paid version so take note to that.


Spotify alternatives

Grooveshark is one of the best Spotify alternatives. This is the closest application to the original. But the original one has a give you the opportunity to download an app but this is completely web-based. Even the ads are totally different because in here you get video ads and no audio ones.

You get the opportunity to listen to songs or radio stations as well as share your composition or create your own playlist.

Most of the ones are pretty good but you may not like the older versions. Well, the case is that this was initially made as a site for people to upload files and help others to find anything they could not. So, there might be poor quality ones as well.

But considered altogether this is a pretty good site.

Radio player

Spotify alternatives

This is a one-stop play station of all of UKs digital radios. Well, they have got literally all of the radio stations. The ones you know as well as the ones that you might not hear about as well. If you can imagine about the iPlayer that comes for BBC together with commercial radio, you might just be there.

Music Up

Music up

This is a very simple substitute that you can easily use.

But it is a web-based service that has stations differentiated according to the genre.

Regardless of what you might find, they have tracks listed out for your day – to – day activities.

You can even select the next track to be added on the list by partnering with other listeners.

Stereo mood

Stereo mood

As the name suggests it definitely streams to fit your thoughts at that moment. If you say you are sad then the playlist will be a list of dedicated and best sad songs.

The only problem comes when you try to customize it. because you simply cannot do that. They have a predetermined set of tunes and you are stuck with that lot.

The app is however completely free and is totally ad-free as well.

So, That’s all you need to know about Spotify alternatives. Also, you can find the best Spotify Playlists on my website. Don’t forget to check that.

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