Selling Spotify Premium on eBay – Is it safe to buy?

As time passes and technology develops people find many things to make their lives easy. And hence buying or selling on electronic markets is a worldwide trend as of now. But there is this arising problem when people start to sell fraud on these e-marketing platforms. Especially if you consider to buy Spotify on eBay you should be careful. If I were you the first question, I would have is, whether it is legal to sell an account.


What else can you sell these days?

Before buying an account subscription on electronic markets it is always better to know what you are getting into. And I really appreciate that you took your time to read a review. To understand whether it is truly safe to spend your money on something you can get free. (I will tell about this in a minute, but first things first)

So, is it legal? Does the company know about the sellers who sell Spotify on eBay?

Well, this is a very popular on-demand music streaming application. And considering how you get access to many songs and stuff people just love it. They have two options for you to choose from the premium account which is obviously the paid option and the normal option. In the normal option, you only need an email address to create an account. But, there is a difference in the accessibility as premium members have unlimited access. Hence, there have been many discussions on how to receive a Premium account for free or else for a budgeted amount of money.

This is where the case of selling Spotify on eBay comes in. People make fake accounts and sell them. For a cheaper price than that you will have to pay for the actual one. But it is not legal. And it does not even work sometimes.

I was able to find cases where people reported of selling Spotify premium accounts on eBay and especially, how it gets them into trouble.

In this e-marketing platforms, they sell these accounts stating that they get access to an existing account or sometimes to a new account. In this manner, you get to have a premium account for almost free.

Legal Spotify Version

When you buy the legal version, it costs 9.99 dollars per month. But if you buy an account off the market shelves it will cost 9.99 bucks for a year! But the real question is whether it is worth the money you paid and saved!

But these accounts are not actually all yours. You sometimes get access to a sub-account that comes with the family pack. Or sometimes you get fake accounts, the ones that never really existed.

And the worst is yet to come. That is because you will not be able to use it for more than one week. Once the admins track you, they ask you for your email details for verification and ultimately cancel your account. And no marketer will give you a refund though this has been going on for a while now no one seems to stop it.

So, I warn you to stay away from these marketers…

And here are my final words for you.
Selling Spotify Premium on eBay - Is it safe to buy Spotify on eBay?

Well, now you know how to get the Spotify app for free as well as on what not to do. But given that this is a very popular and a very good app, I would recommend buying it if it is possible. It is always necessary to support the developers. But however, you should not trust any seller on the electronic markets stating you get memberships not just for this site, but for all.

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