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How to use a Spotify Gift Card online?

All of us like to listen to music. The songs may be either in our language or in another language we totally cannot understand. It says that music has no language.

There are many kinds of songs. Some like classic, some people like rap, some of them needs pop. How can someone decide what kind of songs do others like to listen to? How can a one send the exact song which his friend likes? Also, how can we listen to the exact kind of songs when we want? As an example, we need pop music if we are at a party. We need classic if we need to relax. How can someone do it? The solution is the Spotify Premium Gift card. 

What is it?

You can buy those codes for one month, three months, six or twelve. Then your friend can listen to the songs by clicking the code for one or three months or else that you have paid. Your friend can type the name of a song, search a song or let the card choose and play what it prefers. 

The speciality in this kind of Spotify gift cards is that usually, it is you that has to choose the gift, but here the recipient can choose what the gift will be. You don’t have to choose the songs for your friend, besides sometimes you don’t have any idea of what he or she likes the most. Here your friend can choose the songs and listen freely because you have paid for them.

How to do?

Spotify gift card

It is an easy task. First, you have to go to their website and log in. It will be better if you have an account on your own. But if not, you can always use your Facebook account details for this logging. 

Then you have to find the “share Spotify” box and then you can select the “buy an e-card” box. After that, you can select your gift. As mentioned here before, you can select the time of its validation. The one month card will cost only ten Sterling Pounds. Three months will be thirty and six will be sixty. If you need one year (twelve months), it will cost a hundred and twenty Pounds. This page is developed by the United Kingdom and so that all the fees are in their units. 

Then you have to re-write the e-mail and also the country. The only thing is that the card registering and your account must be in the same country. Then select the picture for the card. You can now type your messages if you need to have one and the details of the recipient. Do not forget to preview and make changes if you are not satisfied.

When you are continuing, they will ask you how you are paying. You can always use a credit card. That means the VISA, MasterCard as well as the Amex. If not, you have another option. Use PayPal to send the fee to the UK. It is easy. They will re-check the card details with you. Do not be panic. It is for your own security.

At last, after you have confirmed the whole process, they will give you the chance to either print or send the code to your friend. You can print, cut the code and paste it in your own card if you like. It doesn’t matter at all. 

How can my friend to listen to the songs? 

When you are using Spotify Gift Card online, your friend does not need to pay any bill or any amount. He or she has to go through the internet and search the web, “Spotify”. Then he or she has to go to the “Redeem” page. 

He can then type the numbers, letters or other things in his code. After all, he or she just has to click “Redeem”. Everything will be alright and the card will begin to work. 

What else to consider? 

spotify premium gift card

You must tell your friend that he or she too has to agree with the conditions to get the code. Otherwise, it won’t work. Though you use the timeline or not, the code will not work after one year. If your friend complains that it is not working, you can get back your money. But to get back them, you must not have had a discount at the time you have sent it. You must have been paid the whole fee if you are going to ask for a refund. Also, you cannot get the money in cash. 

But, It does not matter whether your friend has got a Premiere account or not. But if he has one, the period of validation can be changed and also if he likes, he can always pay more and keep the card for more time. Also, they have the facility to give you a bulk of cards if you need. You can use them to send the members of a community, the whole class and all the relations at once. 

The international supermarkets such as Costco, Walmart and other markets have this card sending facility. And also if your friend doesn’t have an idea of how to use this, he or she can go to such a place and ask for help. They are happy to help anyone with it. 


This Spotify Card is really good. It will be the best gift for your loved one if he or she is a music lover. Start sending these cards and make it popular in your group. Sending and receiving what you like will make a fun game.

So, will you be pleased if someone sends you a Spotify Premium Gift Card?

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