How to change Spotify username

How to change Spotify username? The complete guide.

how to change the username in Spotify? Here is the complete guide you have been looking for!!

As the most used and the most popular music application in the 21st century Spotify has received way more publicity that you and I could imagine. There are more than hundreds of accounts in the platform as of now, and hence it is very understandable that you want to change the random set of numbers and letters that they gave you. So let us be honest, you do not like the one you got and are wondering on how to change Spotify username, right?

Well, do not worry we got you covered…
How to change Spotify username

If you do not know how these names are generate, well here it is; they are automatically generated at the signup. It will include a set of numbers and letters set in a unique pattern. There might be problems if you want to remember it, given that some of them are total gibberish. However, you should also understand that there is no use of it once you have set up your account. Well, you can log in with the email address and the password. So that is just an identifier to make your account identifiable from others.

But anyways there have been more instances where people wanted to change it to something they liked.

The saddest news in this platform is that they do not allow changes in the identifier once they are generated. So, you must be wondering how to change the username in Spotify? Is it totally impossible? Well, let me shine some light on your question. Though they do not allow the changes in the one that you initially received (or the profile picture in that case) there are other methods that you can use to change it.

Well, enough of the prep talk because I will show you how to make the impossible possible with just a few mouse clicks. They are not illegal so do not worry that your account will be disqualified.

You can select by the setup method when creating your account…

When creating your membership, they give you two options to choose from. One is to create it using your email address and the second is to use your Facebook.

If you were to select email as the option then you will be getting some random string of numbers and letters. But if you select Facebook, then you will be able to use the one used in your social media account in here too.

How to change Spotify username after you become a member?

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All these options come when you are at the very beginning. But how can you change it once you have already created a membership and using it? This is not an easy task but is not rocket science either. Before everything you should understand that the developers are very understanding and hence supports you at any time required.

1. Link Spotify to Facebook

You have the possibility to link your music app with the social media app. This will provide you with the opportunity to use the name and the profile picture that is found in the social app. But it cannot change any further when you link it.

Here is how you can easily get it done:
  1. Open the application
  2. Got the settings page
  3. Select the option which says social and picks Facebook.
  4. Tap on the button that says “Connect to Facebook”
  5. Enter your login details and login again

These simple steps will answer your question on how to change the username in Spotify in any of the devices that you use.

These steps are bound to work unless your FB account has been linked to another account. If you have selected to link to a wrong account you can disconnect from the current one and reconnect with the correct details.

Once you have successfully linked the two applications both of them will show the other as linked application. However, it is important that you understand the changes may take up to 24 hours to be visible.

It does not matter whether you are using a free or a paid subscription for this to work. Also, there is the safety of all your original data. The only thing that changes is that you remove the email and add FB. This is actually the most recommended method that one can give you in order to change the private information.

2. Create a new account and upload the data from the existing

This is the other method that you can use to legally change your personal details. And the next most easy as well as a successful method that you get. This is not as easy as the earlier one, but if you see problems in linking the two applications, I would have to say that you are stuck with this method.

The reason that you cannot change the given username is that their systems are fed with a separate way to map the playlists in each and every member. So, the next best thing is actually to create a new one and then contact the support team.

Here is how this is done;
  1. Close the existing account. Unsubscribe from the current subscription.
  2. Create a new one with the details. You cannot use the same one that used previously even though you closed it.
  3. Make sure to contact the support center within seven days.
You should keep in mind that deleting an account result in the complete deleting of all your details. Hence you should definitely get the help of the support team in order to get the older playlists to the new one.

PLEASE keep in mind that the details of your older account will delete within seven days, so make sure that you get it sorted with the customer care as soon as possible.

Also, it is not very necessary to have a pretty username in Spotify. But if you are really depressed with the code that you got you can use either of the two methods that I have given above.

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