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How to cancel Spotify Premium? Read This!

Wondering how to cancel Spotify premium? Then this article for you.

The Spotify Company has a facility to swap gift cards. They are very famous in the world of music lovers. It is really useful because with the card, not the sender, but the recipient can choose the songs they like. Anyone can use the internet and buy one of these gifts for his friend. It is a kind of code and the recipient will be able to listen by going through the code.

You can decide the duration it works and the time is the reason for the cost. But what will happen if you just changed your mind? What if you wish to know how to cancel Spotify premium because you need some time?

What if you have begun to think the gift won’t satisfy your friend?

Then the total program has to be reversed. It is not very hard and also does not ask for money from you. But what can you do if you want to stop working with Spotify and thinking of cancelling the whole account and all the details? 

Can I cancel it? 
cancel spotify

When you surf on the internet, you will get to know that many other people have asked the same question how to cancel Spotify premium before.

There are a few methods to cancel the whole thing. You can stop working with them either you are using their full application or a trial version. It doesn’t matter. But you may have to tell them why you are removing it. It is their right to know the reason. 

  • Through the website

You will know how to go to the website if you have gone through the use of the app. Go to the website and type the passwords you`ve got. In the left menu, it can be seen subscribe box. Click it and you will see the change or cancel box. Click cancel and after that confirm it again. The work was done.

  •  Through a company

If you use some kind of broadband, mobile data providing company or iTunes, sometimes the website won’t let you go through the process. This will happen because you haven’t paid enough money for them. Therefore it is better you call the company and ask for help first.

If you feel that it is unsure who is managing your network, you can easily find it. First, you have to go to the Spotify page as we have mentioned here before. Then go to the left and find the subscription box. On the place, you can see the company who manages you. After that, call them and ask for your need. They will surely help you.

There is another way if you are using an iDevice. Go to the settings first and choose apps. Tap and view your ID. Then go down to find a subscription. Find Spotify and cancel it. Most of the times; it may work.

However I am fed up, I can’t find those boxes!

What if you cannot find the boxes mentioned here? What if the menu says that you are free or something like that? Then surely you must have another account in another email. 

You may have forgotten the email, passwords and the whole thing about another account. But it is better if you get to know and find it, because though you are going to remove the account or not, the forgotten account may change a few settings of your active account. That means that it can be stuck while the songs get played, charge more, give ads and the worst thing is that it can vanish your playlist. 

Try all the mail addresses you had and try to go in. Don’t worry about the passwords because you can always reset them if you have a security question. Look and search carefully in your emails. Search for inbox, outbox, read emails, unread and also spam and see whether there are any emails from Spotify. You will find it and then go through the same process mentioned before. 

If not, try on Facebook.
  • You can go to the “apps and websites” page and search for Spotify.
  • After that log in with FB

You may have installed the application into the desktop or the personal device. If so, you can find the information from the store. Then go on through the process. 

The page has a help guide too. You can always read it and find an answer to your problem.

They ask for money!

As we mentioned earlier, they do not ask anything to remove you. But if you get messages asking for money, then there is a problem.

One reason for this is that they have already sent your last bill. That belongs to the last month. Pay it, but don’t panic. You will get none of them anymore.

The next reason is the same as the last problem. You must be having another account. That might be a premium. Therefore you have to find it and cancel Spotify Premium as mentioned. If both of these solutions do not help you, straight connect with your data company and ask what the reason is. 


To cancel Spotify Premium is really easy. All you have to do is to log in and remove. But why do you want to remove it? 

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