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How to cancel Hulu Subscription? an easy way

Hulu is known as an entertainment company which is based in America. It is famous as one of America’s top media provider which offer their life as well as on-demand streaming service on TV shows and movies.   While some may be getting so many benefits from Hulu others might find that it is not fulfilling their requirements very well and they might want to cancel Hulu connection from their devices. So this article is about how to cancel Hulu.

How to cancel Hulu subscription?

As a Hulu account holder, they are giving you freedom of canceling Hulu subscription you have at any time you prefer easily. So let us discuss how to cancel Hulu subscription.

Even after cancellation of your subscription you can easily come back and renew the subscription you have without any charges.

To cancel your subscription first you should first go to your Hulu account in your device. Then you will see a cancel button there. Select it and follow the given instruction given on the screen for the cancellation process. If you are unable to do that just simply call they via their contact number and someone will help you with cancellation. After your cancellation an email will be sent to you. Keep that email with you for future records.

After the cancellation goes back to your account page again and there you will see that a statement saying, “Your subscription is about to cancel”. After all these, you will still have full access to Hulu until your billing cycle is over to the given period of time. But that times Hulu will not charge you with any money.

If your Hulu bill is named under some other person’s name, then the subscription cancellation steps differ than earlier.

After the cancelation, the subscription status on your Account page should read: “Your subscription is about to cancel.” You’ll continue to have access to Hulu until the end of your current billing cycle but will not be charged moving forward.

If you’re billed for Hulu through a third party, there may be different steps to canceling your subscription.

Cancel Hulu

If your billing is under the name of another party, this is how you are going to cancel Hulu.

–        Amazon

If Amazon is controlling your billing of Hulu, then first you have to go to your Amazon account or


  • Visit your account
  • Click your account and there you will see the cancel button. Follow the instruction to cancel.


  • Go to your Amazon page
  • Select the Actions button
  • You will get as drop-down menu and select Turn off auto-renewal
  • Confirm yours turning off from the next menu also.

How to cancel Hulu account?

To cancel your Hulu account,

  • First, log in to your account
  • Go to the profile name and get access to the account
  • Select cancel subscription
  • Give the reason for your cancellation
  • Finalize the cancellation

How to cancel Hulu free trial?

Hulu is giving you the chance to cancel the subscriptions you are having prior to ending of your free trial. They will not charge anything from you. Actually they are not charging you subscription fee until one month after free trial. But if you want to cancel you should do it within the first 30 days.

Wrapping up…

Hulu is known as an amazing streaming service. Even though there are many positive sides to it some might see the negativities. So sometimes people might neglect the amazing service they are offering and part their ways with Hulu. So, this article is about how to cancel Hulu.

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